Building Inspections

Aerial building inspection surveys on behalf of local authorities, housing associations, building surveyors, property owners and suchlike in order to identify any problems with roof areas that can be acted upon quickly. We are able to undertake aerial building inspection surveys on areas that otherwise would be costly/difficult to access using unmanned aerial vehicles.

You are able to guide us as to the area in question, and we can share imagery/videos that we take with you - and, due to the high quality we are able to zoom in and assess in detail any issues with brickwork, roof valleys, asbestos, roof tiles etc.

Thermal Imaging

Aerial thermal imaging photography can be arranged on request. Thermal imaging is useful to show where heat is being lost, for example due to lack of adequate insulation. This will provides a valuable insight as to what needs to be considered to rectify any problems that have been discovered. NES are able to provide professional advice to ensure the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution is reached.

Environmental Surveys 

UAVs can reach areas that are either too dangerous or inaccessible for other forms of monitoring including remote coastlines, river banks and agricultural locations. It is cost effective alternative to more conventional aerial platforms, such as manned aircraft. Their lower operational costs arise from greater flexibility and the ability to operate from the actual site, rather than having to travel to location from an airfield. Aerial mapping using UAV's offer more than just image capture, they can provide real time monitoring information. 

Tourist and Leisure Attractions

Using NES Aerial Services means you can give your audience a special view. Amazing images from above are a foolproof way of drawing more customers in.

Other Services Include 

  • Solar Panel Inspection 
  • Landscape 
  • Architectural
  • Events

NES holds Civil Aviation Authority ("CAA") Permission For Aerial Work ("PFAW") licence which allows us to offer Aerial services in Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales areas, where we primarily operate.

With this licence we can undertake any sort of commercial activity using Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ("UAV's"), as it means that we are governed by the CAA policies and procedures. We have to comply with regulations in terms of where we can fly, and make sure that we have the relevant permissions from neighbours, but drone surveys are generally a cost effective solution, as they avoid the need for scaffolding, platforms or cherry pickers.

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